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Note 1) Every institute can add up to 10 teams. To add a team click 'Add new team' button.
2) For quiz city Ahmedabad total teams allowed per institute is 10 & 8 respectively.
3) Limited teams per school will qualify in Delhi depending on the auditorium capacity.

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TCS IT Wiz Practice Test
Note 1) This practice test is an optional internet based test aimed at assessing the student's readiness for the quiz.
2) Schools can express their interest to participate in the practice test by selecting 'Yes' in the following section.
3) Please note this practice test is intended only for assessing readiness and is not considered as a factor for qualifying the students for the quiz event.
4) Please note that this test assesses individual student's readiness and is not a team based test.
5) This test is available at no additional charge to the schools.
6) This test can be attempted by the students through internet, and the score obtained shall be communicated to the school.
7) Schools are requested to provide the expected number of students participating in the test.
8) Based on expected student count, the required number of coupon codes to access the assessment shall be mailed to the co-ordinating teacher.
9) Detailed instruction manual to access the assessment will also be mailed to the co-ordinating teacher.
10) Report that shall be shared with Institute will provide insights to spot potential performers.
Disclaimer : By registering with us, you are giving us permission to use the information you have provided for the purpose of TCS IT Wiz. I am hereby consenting that TCS IT Wiz can process the above data for the purpose of communication. To do this, TCS might need to review and process certain information which you have provided to us.
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